Let’s get started

Consultation                       30 mins  no fee

A thorough consultation using a skin scanner to highlight problem areas and various conditions such as pigmentation, sun damage (below the surface), dehydration, congestion, oiliness, dead cells and good/bad circulation enabling the correct recommendation for home skincare and treatment plan.

Bio-Ultimate Lifting Treatment  

60 mins  £55  12 sessions  £550

A relaxing treatment using new sequencing micro current technology used to re-educate and lift the facial muscles. Skin feels firmer and rejuvenated. Course of treatments

is recommended.


Bio-Ultimate Lifting Facial

90 mins  £75

For a more intense treatment.

Skin is first exfoliated with an

ultrasonic skin peeler, ensuring good micro-current stimulation. Then a

pre-treated gauze, selected to suit

your skin type, is placed under an electrode mask to encourage

better absorption by the skin.

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